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MBR portable sewage treatment plant

basic information
MBR Introduction 
Membrane bio-reactor is a kind of new type sewage treatment technique which combine high efficient membrane separation technique and activated sludge manner, it inherit membrane separation technique and biochemical treatment technique feature and intensify biochemical treatment effect, it can used in high organic content municipal or industrial sewage treatment. 
MBR system use hollow fiber membrane to make solid-liquid separation. The NL series immersed hollow fiber membrane is special developed membrane module. It has higher filtering efficiency, it can effective remove bacteria、suspended particles and impurity, thus get the superior filtering water. In additional, due to each unit membrane module filtering area big, small membrane installation occupy volume, decrease reactor volume and occupy area.
Application scope: 
■Hotel、restaurant、community etc domestic sewage treatment recycle
■Industrial and mining enterprises、remote village、sentry 、tourist area etc domestic sewage recycle. 
■Each kind of industrial  waste water:such as hospital 、pharmaceutical 、washing、food processing、slaughtering、dairy etc;
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